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Sandy Hartman




Truly, I am basically a wordsmith, a sort of glorified Scrabble and crossword puzzler. . .words indeed are people things.  I love the challenge of global concepts into word portraits that pack strength and meaning.  No subject should be off limits to poetry , I intuit.  I seldom publish, but have been fortunate enough to have others include my work in their publications. And occasionally, I have won a contest or two.  

Many of my works have appeared in Morgen Bailey's blog spot from Great Britain, Writers Get Together on line, and Moxie Women. My greatest attention goes to my poetry website. This website is dedicated to global agendas and pressing human conditions as well as some poems for fun (pointing out our human foibles) as well as children's poems.

My site is possibly unusual, in that it contains no ads, no blogs, no comments, no links nor clicks to anywhere.  The pages contain only my poems, the audio readings of my poems and nearly 300 of some of the most beautiful photographs i have ever seen.  It only travels by recommendation from heart to heart, if the reader finds it worthy and, perhaps, wishes to post it on their own sites.  And, surprisingly, I have been stunned when I see just how far on this globe that the site has gone. To that end, I invite you to come join me, fellow traveler.

Yours in the One,

Sandy Hartman

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